Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells... um.. how does the rest of it go?

There is no reason why Christmas has to be all white snow and Carolers. Though this may seem to be the time of year when happiness is at it's peak and we should be hiding in the memory of Halloween, I assure you it is not. There are tons of reasons to enjoy Christmas. The nights have grown longer, the suicide rate is rising and they're going to be playing that cute Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer special (um...ya..it's gothic ... I mean it has that big scary snow monster in it... heh heh) . So let's make the most of this time of year! Go to the mall and walk around with a big smile on your face, because you want to show the world that you are not afraid of their shiny gold tinsel and men in red suits! You are Goth, and you can enjoy Christmas too!

Make a gothic tree

Ah... there is nothing better then cleaning the countless pine needles off your floor from the real Christmas Tree in your living room. Or trying to fit the 50 little braches in to the 40 little holes on your fake (but utterly realistic) Christmas Tree. Well nothing except a Gothic tree that is. 

Here are some ideas for making your own Gothic Tree;

  • Using  heavy wire make a spiral tree. Start with a large bottom and work your way up making the coil smaller and smaller. (If you don't know what I mean look at he tree at the top of this page). Try to balance it on a pole if you want a spinning tree. 

  • Take a metal or wood pole and some of the silver, purple and/or blue tinsel. Glue or tape a piece of tinsel to the top of the tree then tape the other end to the floor about 2 feet away from the pole. Continue with another color and so on. You can leave space between the strands of tinsel or pack them close together. Another idea wood be to attach the tinsel to a Hula Hoop at the bottom instead of the floor so that the hoop can swing with the tinsel. 


Decorating tips:

  • Stock up on Halloween tinsel when it's out (bats and cats) then use it on your Christmas tree.
  • Ran out of nail polish but don't have the heart to throw away the pretty bottle? No problem! Just tie some string around the neck and hang your bottles on your tree! (note: they look nicer if you can get the writing off of them.)
  • Instead of a green tree with fake snow sprayed on it get a silver tree and spray black silly string on it.
  • Why use a normal star or angel on your tree? I recommend a Bat, Ankh, Pentagram or Spider
  • Why cover your tree with the usual ornaments when you can make your own dark and mysterious ones? Click here to learn how to make "Goth Balls"
  • If you can't afford fancy wrapping paper and your forced to use news paper don't just grab the first page you see. Look for pages with articles about accidents or use the obituaries. That always puts people into the Holliday mood! -{sarcasm}-

Here are some great ideas from  London

  • Have a black & white or black & silver Christmas. On Christmas day wear black and Silver (or white). Go for the old television look.
  • An angelic Christmas.  Find the most ornate angels and place them around a room.  Use maroon or other dark fabric as a non-permanent background. Candles look great, as well as white Christmas lights.  If you have any paintings by Waterhouse or Bougereau, the scene makes them look marvelous. Depending on the color of the angels, silver or gold can usually be placed around the room.  If you want to be a little demented, put fake blood on the angels....like from their eyes or mouths.