Halloween, the only time of year when people don't annoy you for what you're wearing. Halloween is also a great time for shopping. Every year they come up with stupider and stupider decorations that you just HAVE to buy! All I can say is, exploit Halloween for all it's got cause you won't be seeing stuff like this till next year.

Shopping tips, what to look out for:

  • Bat, Cat or Witch, black tinsel

  • Glow in the dark make up and nail polish

  • Rubber bats and spiders

  • Novelty Skulls

  • Black silly string

  • Fake spider webbing

  • Plastic skeletons

  • Halloween confetti (little bats or pumpkins etc)


  • Garbage bags sliced very thin and smoothly and placed near fans or blowing vents

  • Black lights

  • Faked spider webbing stretched very thinly

  • Melting candles

  • Grave stones (click here to see how to make them)