Crafty Tips

  • When dying eggs try to mix colors that will give a dark color to your egg. For example after dying an egg red put it in blue dye to give it a dark purple color.
  • Decorate Easter eggs so they look like Jack-o-lanterns
  • Make a centerpiece if you are having a meal with family. Use some of the following in it;
    • Dried flowers
    • Painted broken egg shells
    • Black and red lucky rabbit's feet
    • Dried and painted turkey and chicken's bones
    • Crosses
  • Make the Easter Bunny the Easter Bat
  • Make an "Easter Bonnet". Here are some ideas how;
    • Take a straw hat and spray paint it black (actually I think you can buy black straw hats)
    • add a black lace trim
    • hang little bats around the edge
    • spray with silver glitter paint
    • glue dried flowers to it