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Why the Starlights aren't here

Some of you are probably saying to yourself "Hey she left out the Starlights, there my favorite Sailor Moon Characters!" Well I didn't leave them out. I simply ran out of ideas. So this is your chance to be creative. I need you to come up with a new look and personality for the 3 Starlights. You can work on one or all three. All entries will be voted on when I feel I have enough entries (this means you have awhile). You can work on one or all of the Starlights but each character will be voted on separately. I'm not supplying you with any pics to work with because some people may not like the pics I supply or may want to scan in a drawing.

Here's what I'll be looking for in each entry:

 A brief description of their personality change

 A picture of what they now look like when transformed (preferably from far away and a head shot)

 At least one new attack

 Any thing else you think you need to add

 Make sure you meet these criteria.

Send your entries to me at

  Hey, it looks like somebody was listening to me, Kiwi Miller sent me her version of a Starlight! Click here to see it.

So, you couldn't hold it inů