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Gothic Fashion, Make-up and Décor

Ah yes, welcome to Sailor Gothic Saturn's Fashion page. This page is very much under construction but I though I'd put it up anyway since the page needed something new. Here you will learn the tricks of the trade, the tips from the expert, the... well let's just get on with it shall we? It is hoped that Sailor Gothic Saturn will be able to give her little friend, Sailor Chibi-Moon, a few fashion tips as well (like fashion tip number one "pink gets old fast!").

Here you will not only find tips on clothing but also on make-up and hair. If you are interested in giving Sailor Chibi-moon your own make over then just wait a while because I will be making a Chibi-Moon KiSS data set where you can change her clothes, hair and if I feel like it, make-up.

Clothing Tips:

  1. You can never have too much black in your wardrobe, even in mid summer.
  2. Never use the term "Goth Spice" when addressing a friend (unless it's behind there back)
  3. Want to blend into your surroundings? Army prints won't cut it these days, try cement gray as a clothing color. If your nylons get a run, who cares! They look better that way, heck, add more!
  4. Can't afford a cool pair of army boots and can't find any used ones? Dye hiking boots black (even with shoe polish), sew on some buckles and straps and add a few studs. Voila!
  5. Old nylons make great shirts. Cut a hole in the crotch for your head and cut off the feet for you hands. OR simply cut small holes for each finger (I do this all the time). Knee-highs work great too. If you can sew try turning your knee-highs into a pair of gloves, leave one finger out. Experiment!

Make-up Tips:

  1. Can't find the color of hair dye you want? Try cool aid.
  2. Want to add a streak of color to your hair but don't want it to last after one wash? Use hair mascara.
  3. When in a bad mood have eyeliner lines come down your face, when in a good mood send them up.
  4. DON'T use hair mascara on your lashes.
  5. Just because you see a cheap (ie. inexpensive) make-up doesn't mean you should by it over a name brand. Cheap eyeliner can clump when applying and will run easily if you sweat.

    Décor tips:

    1. If you want a black room consider just decorating with black accessories and drapes instead of black paint. Black paint looks bad unless good quality and a few coats are added, plus it's very hard to change the color of your room after you've painted it black.
    2. Hang cloth around ceiling lamps to project shadows on the ceiling and walls.
    3. Painting a mural on your window is a good way to decorate and drown out light.
    4. Candles that have melted a lot look good on a desk or bureau even if not lit.