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The Ants

I saw an ant today,

He crawled across my bed.

I know he's stalking me,

I know he wants me dead.


I know he'll tell his leader,

He'll tell him where I sleep.

Thinks I don't know what he's doing,

Thinks his secrets he will keep.


So I'll kill that little spy,

I'll hit him with my shoe.

So he'll never tell his leader,

All the things I plan to do.


I Hate Everybody

I hate everybody


I hate everybody



The Death Of The Ant

I killed that ant today,

With my palm, and not my shoe.

Lifted my hand to see him,

But all I saw was goo.


Can you feel my Madness?

Open you heart to my mind,

Let my madness pull you in.

Don't turn away from me,

I'll bring you back to sin.


My brain is starting to crumble,

So catch me if fall.

I can feel the wings of madness,

As they push me against the wall.


I can sense your fear,

Like rose petals down my spine,

Don't you lie to me,

I'll catch you every time.


How long till you leave me,

Did I want you from the start?

While slowly my insanity

Forces us apart.


Touch me if you must,

What else can I say?

I guess I really never,

Wanted you to stay.


Slitting my bare wrists,

Blood falls on your floor.

Sorry for the mess but,

I could take no more.


So now you’ve seen my madness.

Splashed against your wall.

Even though I asked you,

To catch me if I fall.


My eyes grow cold and empty,

Too late for regret.

I see you reach out for me,

I see your eyes grow wet.


As you watch as my body,

Fall down to the floor.

You hear the wings of madness,

Banging on your door.


I hate you

I have to tell you something,

It's hard but it is true,

There are just too many ways,

To say that I hate you.


I could write you a long letter,

One that explains it all.

I could tell you to your face,

Or just give you a call.


I could tell another person,

then they'll tell you for me.

I could sit and tell you nicely,

I could kick you in the knee.


I could put a pillow to your face,

Then explain if you awake.

I could meet you in an alley,

And your money I could take.


I could rip your insides out,

And write "I hate you" with your spleen.

But I don't think I'll confront you,

I'd rather stay unseen.


It's such a big decision,

I must stay strong and true.

Dammit, there's just too many ways,

For me to say that I hate you.


Perky people should die

Perky people should die

They obviously have no life.

Always grinning and smiling,

Never feeling strife.


They hold their heads so high.

Like nothing can bring them down.

They walk with such great pride.

I think they all should drown.


They talk with such excitement.

They laugh with so much glee.

If you won't agree to kill them,

Then could you please kill me.