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I hate you

I have to tell you something,

It's hard but it is true,

There are just too many ways,

To say that I hate you.


I could write you a long letter,

One that explains it all.

I could tell you to your face,

Or just give you a call.


I could tell another person,

then they'll tell you for me.

I could sit and tell you nicely,

I could kick you in the knee.


I could put a pillow to your face,

Then explain if you awake.

I could meet you in an alley,

And your money I could take.


I could rip your insides out,

And write "I hate you" with your spleen.

But I don't think I'll confront you,

I'd rather stay unseen.


It's such a big decision,

I must stay strong and true.

Dammit, there's just too many ways,

For me to say that I hate you.



My eyes grow cold and empty,

Too late for regret.

I see you reach out for me,

I see your eyes grow wet.


As you watch as my body,

Fall down to the floor.

You hear the wings of madness,

Banging on your door.