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Gothic Craft ideas

Goth Balls

These are very easy to make and are a good way to use up fabric scraps. To make these you will need some Styrofoam balls, dark material scraps (maybe even pieces of Garbage bag), a butter knife and ornament hooks or pipe cleaners. 

What you have to do is take a small piece of the material and place it on a ball. Take the butter knife and carefully push down the edges of the material until there are no edges sticking up. Continue until the entire ball is covered. You can add a ornament hook or a pipe cleaner hook to it by pushing it down into one of the cracks.  


Bleeding Hearts

Cut a broken heart shape out of cardboard. Cover it with a thick layer of papier mache. After that dries paint it the desired color. When that paint has dried take a deep red paint and drip it along the crack of the broken heart. You may want to hang the heart while it dries so that the paint really drips. 

Grave stones 
(note: I created this craft but I have yet to try it. If anyone does try it please tell me how it worked.)

Cut to grave shapes out of cardboard. Make sure they are of equal size.  Take a strip of Bristol board which is as thick as you want the grave to be and is long enough to curve over the grave stone (you may have to attach two pieces together). 

Tape the cardboard pieces to the Bristol Board as shown in the diagram to the right. Be sure to use strong tape (masking or Duct tape). When all the pieces are secure cover them with a thick layer of papier mache. When that has dried spray them with 1 or 2 shades of gray.  You can paint words on with a different shade of gray or black OR when you are papier macheing them you can roll of strips of coated news paper and form the letters in relif.

more to come